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== '''Recent News''' ==
== '''Recent News''' ==
*[08/26/11] Reza Successfully defended his MS thesis titled ``A Polynomial Chaos based Approach for State and Parameter Estimation." Congratulations, Reza!!!
*[03/07/12] New ANCS website launched!
* [07/20/11] Singla awarded NSF Career award for his research project entitled, [ “Uncertainty Propagation and Data Assimilation for Toxic Cloud Prediction.” ]
* [06/30/2011] Congratulations! Ron (Heichman) has been selected to receive the SUNY LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship for his graduate studies at UB.
* [04/21/11] Singla awarded 2010 University at Buffalo’s “Exceptional Scholar” Young Investigator Award. [ UB Reporter]
* [03/11] Singla is advising a team of UB student to participate in NASA contest. [ UB Spectrum]
* [11/03/10] Singla awarded AFOSR's Young Investigator award for his research work entitled, [ "Information Collection and Fusion for Space Situational Awareness."] [ [UB News]] [ [UB Reporter]]
<!--* [June 2009] Gabriel Terjanu won the best student paper travel award for paper entitled "Decision Based Uncertainty Propagation Using Adaptive Gaussian Mixtures" in 2009 International Conference on Information Fusion.
* [April 2009] Jonathan Missel is awarded the 2009 Sigma Xi Research Award for poster entitled [ "VERTIGO: autonomous biaxial inverted pendulum."]-->

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John Crassidis

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY-14260

Voice: 716-645-1426
Email: johnc (at) buffalo_dot_edu
Bio: CV


Welcome to the ANCS Laboratories Wiki.

We are located in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department of University at Buffalo [Map]. Our group focuses on research related to the general area of uncertainty propagation, nonlinear filtering, stochastic control and multi-resolution modeling.

LAIRS lab is equipped with Quanser's 2-DOF helicopter, four Dragonfly's quadrotor, and state-of-the-art VICON's 3D motion capturing system. The main feature of the VICON motion capture system is their smart cameras with three high speed on-board processors which allows on board intelligent image processing and thus, delivers data faster(up to 1000 frames per second). In addition to this, the LAIRS lab also houses the VIDERE Design and MobileRobots's Pioneer 3 DX mobile platforms capable of carrying a full load of robotics equipment, including an integrated PC, indoors and outdoors laser rangefinder, pan tilt unit, sonar ring, Pioneer 3DX robot arm and stereo camera.

The simulation environment in the LAIRS lab uses MATLAB/Simulink, Maple, Mathematica, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Java and C/C++ extensively.

Recent News

  • [03/07/12] New ANCS website launched!