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Current Students

Ph.D. Students

Matthias Schmid

Topic: Topic Here

Fall 2009-Present
William Banas

Topic: Numerically Stable Covariance Intersection for Spacecraft Formation Flying

Fall 2008 - Present
Mike Andrle

Topic: Attitude Estimation

Fall 2008 - Present
Chris Nebelecky

Topic: Generalized Adaptive Estimation

Fall 2009 - Present
Richard Linares

Topic: Topic Here

Fall 2010 - Present
Matthew Whittaker

Topic: Atmospheric Density Modeling

Spring 2012 - Present

Master of Science Students

Adonis Pimienta-Penalver

Topic: Kepler Equation Solver

Fall 2011-Present

Former Students

Sean Semper

Jemin George

Hak-Jae Kim

Badr Alsuwaidan

Adam Fosbury